Kyra Coates Art

Kyra Coates


Birthing goddesses….

When I was a child I loved to draw pictures of women. I would imagine that what I drew birthed a new person somewhere in the world, and I was the architect of their story. I would release my drawings to the wind so they could be born. Yet I myself felt a victim of the machinations of the great puppeteer that dictated my own life, sending in people and experiences I felt I never agreed to or wanted. As an adult I soon recognized this “great puppeteer” was merely the servant of my own perspective. I realized I was in fact the powerful force. I could be my own author.

Now I paint feminine power, beauty, and courage as messengers to the universe. My paintings are my story. And as I release my art to be shared, my hope is that somewhere another can birth these experiences within themselves as recognition of their own power.

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