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Featuring the art of Kyra Coates, Infuse Gallery offers art as a tool for social change. Kyra and the partner artists featured all support the missions of several nonprofits.

Kyra Coates

Kyra Coates


Kyra paints from her own experience of moving from early trauma in life into empowered womanhood. Her story has been an all too common one of sexual abuse and rape in childhood, into awkward early adulthood, shame, denial, and finally realization, empowerment, and freedom to embrace her feminine power and sexuality. After a profound spiritual awakening her early twenties, Kyra became a Hindu nun and lived a disciplined monastic life for three years. When she left her robes behind she dove into sexual awakening, motherhood, and embracing her feminine strength. Kyra’s eastern spiritual perspective and years of psychological study is reflected in her artwork. She depicts psychologically emotional experiences as archetypal goddess figures. She often paints figures as faceless and non race-defined to represent a more universal emotive expression. Her paintings explode onto the canvas and inspire that sense of empowerment and freedom in the viewer as an experience of emotional resonance. 

from 45.00
Blaze Connect
from 450.00
Soul Mates
from 300.00
Inner Peace
from 750.00
In Rapture
from 225.00
Soft on Soft
from 350.00
Luscious 37
from 400.00

The Early Years: 2001-2004