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Call To Artists

Call To Artists


Below are Infuse Gallery's current Call To Artists for upcoming Exhibitions and Projects


"The Silence Is Over"

A Journey of Empowerment from Survivors of Sexual Abuses

Sexual assault and abuse are traumatic experiences that cross political lines, country lines and gender lines. It’s a trauma no one should have to experience, but many all over the world do. And for those who have felt their power taken from them in this way the opportunity to tell their story can often be the first step in taking their power back and healing themselves.

This Call to Artists is an invitation to join a global community of artists doing just that. We are ending the silence and shame around our stories of sexual trauma and instead offering them as an opportunity and celebration of empowerment, as a call to the rest of the world to set a higher standard and end these atrocities. By telling our stories we are honoring our pain we have endured and celebrating our return to empowerment and wholeness. 

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Express Yourself While Empowering The World

Are you an artist looking for ways to sell your art while also giving back? Submit your art to Infuse Gallery to see if you can be a part of this global creative community changing the world creatively. Simply email images of your work with your bio/ artist's statement, titles and dimensions of each piece, and a brief summary as to why you want to be a part of this unique art gallery with a social mission. Submitting work does not guarantee acceptance into the gallery.

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