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Featuring the art of Kyra Coates, Infuse Gallery offers art as a tool for social change. Kyra and the partner artists featured all support the missions of several nonprofits.


Call To Artists: The Silence Is Over

This Call to Artists is an invitation to join a global community of artists ending the silence and shame around our stories of sexual trauma and instead offering them as an opportunity and celebration of empowerment, as a call to the rest of the world to set a higher standard and end these atrocities. By telling our stories we are honoring our pain we have endured and celebrating our return to empowerment and wholeness. 

"Survivor!" by  Nisha

"Survivor!" by Nisha

The Silence Is Over

A Journey of Empowerment from Survivors of Sexual Abuses

Submission Deadline:  May 15th, 2017


Sexual assault and abuse are traumatic experiences that cross political lines, country lines and gender lines. It’s a trauma no one should have to experience, but many all over the world do. And for those who have felt their power taken from them in this way the opportunity to tell their story can often be the first step in taking their power back and healing themselves.

My name is Kyra Coates, the founder of Infuse Gallery and a survivor of sexual abuse and assault. I was first sexually abused at the age of 10, then raped at the age of 14. These were painful and traumatic experiences which have shaped my life and taken me on a profound journey of feeling powerless, working with healing, to becoming the empowered, impassioned woman I am today. From this abuse I formed no real identity as a woman, and grew up feeling shame in my body and that my role was as a sex-object with no voice. My healing came through therapy, spiritual exploration, and motherhood. I learned to find my own voice, my own boundaries, and later, joy, freedom and empowerment in my sexual relationships. I know am a powerful, sexy, joyful woman with a strong voice and a mission to give others the opportunity to heal and empower themselves as I have. My art has always been a powerful tool to express my inner journey, and has opened conversations which has brought compassion and solidarity with others.  I’m fortunate enough to say that my healing has shown me often my biggest pain in life can become my greatest strength as my voice of experience can be a call to a better world. This is the principle I founded Infuse Gallery on. Our stories can bring awareness and a sense of community and give others an opportunity to come together and make a difference.

This Call to Artists is an invitation to join a global community of artists doing just that. We are ending the silence and shame around our stories of sexual trauma and instead offering them as an opportunity and celebration of empowerment, as a call to the rest of the world to set a higher standard and end these atrocities. We live in a divided time where fear and intimidation are rampant. By telling our stories we are letting go of fear, honoring our pain we have endured and celebrating our return to empowerment and wholeness. We are inviting others to join us in this next stage of calling forward a better, unified world that is free from abuse. Many of us are in different stages of this healing journey, and every stage is honored, respected, and deserved to be heard. We are creating a safe platform for each story to be shared. Each artist can express as much or as little of their story they feel comfortable and inspired to share. I, too, will be sharing my story through my art for this exhibit.

“The Silence Is Over” is a global art collaboration that will be exhibited on the Infuse Gallery website as a permanent exhibition with the intention of garnering attention from media and other digital channels. This is a GLOBAL exhibition and will be shared world-wide. As well there will be a brick-and-mortar exhibit for "The Silence Is Over" in the Spring/Summer of 2017. The brick-and-mortar exhibit will be the feature exhibit for the grand opening of Infuse Gallery’s brick-and-mortar gallery space in Denver, CO. We are currently fundraising for this and will announce the exact date in 2017 of the exhibition when we are closer to our financial goal.

 We have partnered with two nonprofit organizations that will benefit from this exhibition, giving others who have been abused an opportunity to heal.

·        PAVE (Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment (PAVE) is the only national nonprofit that works both to shatter the silence and prevent sexual violence through social advocacy, education and survivor support.

·        Blossomy serves survivors of human trafficking and those vulnerable to human trafficking and gender-based violence by providing access to healing and empowerment through creative programming for self expression and autonomy, as well as offering vocational training in the field of photography as a viable livelihood option for survivors.


As per the model of all the non-profit partnerships with Infuse Gallery, men and women served through the programs of these two organizations will have their artwork on display in the gallery for this exhibit along with other artists who submit their work.

All artists, including those served through the nonprofits, that show and sell work through Infuse Gallery donate a percentage of the sale of the art to one or more of the nonprofit partners. The artist selects the amount they donate from their commission, which is then matched by Infuse Gallery’s commission from the sale. The sale price is a 50/50 split between artist and gallery. So if the artist selects to donate 10% from their 50% of sale, Infuse Gallery will also donate 10% from our 50% of sale, giving the nonprofit 20% of the sale. We do request that no one donate more than 15% (30% total). We accept Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Mixed Media, Three-Dimensional Sculpture, and Digital Art. We will not accept work that may infringe on the copyright of other artist’s material.

To submit your art for “The Silence Is Over: A Journey of Empowerment from Survivors of Sexual Abuses” we need:

1.     High-quality images of your art, preferably high resolution at 300dpi

2.     Your story and/or descriptions for each piece.  

3.     The medium, dimensions, and price of your work. Please also include which of the nonprofits stated above you wish to support from any sale of your art, and the percentage of the sale you wish to donate (not exceeding 20%). This donation will be matched by Infuse Gallery. 

4.     An artist’s statement and photo of yourself which will be displayed on your artist’s description page. It is not necessary to use an exact photo of yourself if you wish to maintain anonymity. Aliases are welcome to be used as well. Above all we want all artists to feel comfortable and safe with what they share.

Please submit this to

This is a curated exhibit which means not all work will be accepted. We strive to offer high quality fine art and will not accept work presented unprofessionally. But we ask that all artists understand that even if some of your work is not selected for the show your story expressed is highly valued and appreciated and we will be in communication with you about suggested improvements and ways to get your work to the quality standards we set for Infuse Gallery. Our main objective is to offer a platform for everyone to tell their story and we are committed to working with you to do just that.

Thank you artists! I look forward to receiving your submissions.

-Kyra Coates