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Charity Gifts

Give a Gift That Gives To Charity

Tis' the season of giving, and what better way to show someone you care then by giving a gift that gives to charity, changing a life and community for the better. Infuse Gallery is the first art gallery to bring art and activism together to empower communities, artists, and art-buyers to make our world a better place.

Infuse Gallery is the first art gallery to bring art and activism together to empower communities and individuals. We have partnered with several charities, and for each piece of art sold, a percentage of the sale is donated directly back to them. We represent emerging and established career artists with world-wide success, while also providing a platform to those served through the nonprofits to sell their art in the gallery. This gives them creative and financial empowerment and an opportunity to give back to those who helped them.

We showcase some of the worlds best artistic talent. Every artist in Infuse Gallery selects one of our partner charities to donate to. They select the percentage from their portion of the sale to donate, and Infuse Gallery matches, so the giving is equal. A charity benefits, the artist benefits, and when you buy the art you have a story to tell of how you changed a life and a community for the better. 

So whether you buy a painting from a school girl in Afghanistan, a man living under a bridge in Denver, or a career artist who has shown their work in galleries and museums internationally, you can buy this art knowing your purchase has changed a life for the better, and helped a charity grow.

Purchasing a Gift

When you purchase a piece of art, whether as a gift or for yourself, we will send the art to the recipient, the story of the artist who created it, and also the story of the organization your purchase is helping. This way the person you purchase the art for can see how your gift to them has helped so many others.  Be sure to check-off "This is a Gift" during checkout. You also have the option to include a personal message to the recipient. 

Art as empowerment. Art as activism. Art as expression of a better world.