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Expressions of the Feminine

  • Infuse Gallery / Candelaria 853 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO, 80204 United States (map)

We are bringing together the artistic, musical, and performance talents of multiple women and cultures to celebrate female expression!

This event is a fundraiser for Infuse Global Art Alliance and their programs which focus on using art as a tool for global change!  Tickets are $5, and further donation is highly welcomed!


Performance Art by Paula Kohatsu

Paula Kohatsu is a holistic health-coach focusing in Women's Health and Sacred Sexuality and a performance artist. One of her life passions is to help to eradicate sexual ignorance by bringing consciousness into intimacy.

She will be performing "The Flower of My Being" which explores vulnerability as power. Paula invites artist interaction so both artist and participant have equal roles in the final piece.

In New York City  where she lived for 10 years she performed extensively in places such as The Brooklyn Museum, White Box Gallery, Frederico Seve Gallery, Anarchist Art Lab, and many more.

Her performances are ritualistic, ceremonial and encourage audience participation. She uses voice, breath, poetry, movement, stillness, paint, paper and food to awaken the senses and invite experience.

Traditional Folk and Indian Raga Music by Melissa Carey

Melissa Carey is a Colorado native and has been playing music all her life. She had an early influence of all the good oldies and folk music from her father who loved to quiz her on his favorite bands. Some of her main influences are Denvendra Banhart, Feist and Bob Dylan. She went to Naropa University where she studied Classical Indian Raga, Improvisation and how to be a better human being. For fun she plays live music for yoga classes, and is working on completing a record with her band. 

Cartography of a Femininity: Walking the Labyrinth by Adriana Rondón


A personal look at femininity, an exploration of personal and collective ideas about what it is to be a woman. An act of healing from the body.

Adriana Rondón. A visual artist and journalist from Caracas, Venezuela, living in Denver, CO.  I use my body, photography, video and poetry to tell stories.

"My work is about my healing journey and it is related to the people. Performances and poetic actions that use movement, elements of the plastic arts and technological resources as means of expression. My artistic proposal is nourished by dance, yoga and my meditations. I am interested in the social fabric and I want to project it in my artistic work. I love to use the streets as scenario and allow the participation of the spectators in my work.

I work as a yoga and mindfulness teacher and as a teacher of conscious movement and expressive arts. When I have a chance, I do documentaries about healing."


Spoken Word Poetry by Mónica Parra

Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, she was thought the love for arts and words by her mother, a self-thought painter, mix-media artist, writer, healer, creator. Mónica started writing poetry and short stories at a very young age, as an outlet for her overwhelming emotions that couldn’t comprehend Most of her inspiration comes from her passion to express the deepest and most raw human feelings; combined with her upbringing in a country with economic disparities, but also a fervent desire for justice and community building. She truly believes in art as one of the most powerful mediums for human empowerment and community education towards social justice.

Her piece for this night is about the celebration of womanhood, one that leads to empowerment on the self.

"In Rapture" by Kyra Coates

"In Rapture" by Kyra Coates

"Amazon Leaf" by Joseph Cassarino

"Amazon Leaf" by Joseph Cassarino

"The New Earth" by Marika Popovits

"The New Earth" by Marika Popovits

"Ayurveda" by Pam Uhlenkamp

"Ayurveda" by Pam Uhlenkamp