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Infuse Global Art Alliance works in partnership with other organizations to bring art and cross-cultural education to youth and adults around the world. Within Infuse Gallery we showcase career artists, emerging artists, and artists served through our and our nonprofit partners programs, and offer semi-annual shows for youth from around the world. We use art as a means of empowerment on every level. 

Our Art Education Programs

Launching in Fall of 2017 we will be offering two art education programs that work in collaboration with one another; the Central Asia Institute Art Education Program for school girls in Kabul, and for local Colorado kids, our Culture, Cups, and Kids program


Central Asia Institute Art Education Program

In partnership with Central Asia Institute we are offering art education programs for school girls in Central Asia. Our first program will begin in Kabul and grow to other regions as funding becomes available.

In some of the strictest areas of Central Asia art is not allowed for cultural reasons. Students who even doodle in their notebooks are punished. Even in areas that do support art, supplies for painting and drawing are extremely difficult to find or afford. Most schools are struggling to pay for books, so rarely they can spend funds on art supplies.

Omaid Sharifi is the co-founder of ArtLords. ArtLords is a social and human rights movement that uses art, particularly graffiti, to bring about change in Afghanistan. The group began two years ago by painting murals on the blast walls in Kabul that surround government institutions and private businesses to protect them from bombs. Omaid created a mural project with several of the girls at a school in Kabul. They painted an image of a girl studying with the words "I am Afghanistan's future". The powerful project brought home the recognition that art can be a powerful tool of expression. When the majority of a culture is illiterate images can be more powerful than words. 

Most of the girls in this project had never even held a paintbrush before, but now are impassioned to find further ways to create. They have set aside a classroom to use for art and now are searching for the funds to buy supplies.

Together with Central Asia Institute and Omaid Sharifi, Infuse Global Art Alliance will be offering these girls regular art classes and supplies. We also will offer an annual art show in Infuse Gallery at our location at 853 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, Co in partnership with Candelaria

“I would like to depict anything I feel and have in my heart,” said Bahara, one of the mural painters,. “So in this way I could deliver my prospect as an Afghan girl within the society.”

These girls now know art can be a powerful tool in progressing their rights as women, and they are excited to keep going.  We are excited to offer them this opportunity to have an avenue that can reach more members of their society.


 Read more about Omaid's mural project HERE.

Cultures, Cups, and Kids

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Cultures, Cups, and Kids is a program working with local school kids in the Denver metro area. Launching in the fall of 2017 we will be offering kids grade K-12 an opportunity to use their own artistic creations to empower themselves by raising funds for their schools, and also for other peers living in Afghanistan as part of our Central Asia Institute Art Education Program. 

In this program an Infuse volunteer will go to local schools and offer a short lesson about life in Afghanistan. Through Central Asia Institute's Pennies for Peace Program they have developed a curriculum of cross-cultural education for kids in the US to learn about life in Central Asia. The curriculum is called "More Alike than Un-Alike" and teaches kids the foundations of cultural tolerance and compassion. After exploring life in Central Asia, the local kids will then create their own piece of original art, which will then take to have printed up on mugs for friends and family to purchase. All post-production sales will be an even donation between our Central Asia Institute Art Education Program and the local participating schools. 

Kids participating in this program will learn the valuable lesson that through their own creative expression they too can make a difference in the lives of not only their own community, but others around the world.