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JoAnne Kiser

Jo Anne Kiser


I have always been moved by light, form, and above all color. Painting landscapes affords me the opportunity to
explore the spirit of place. Studying the properties of light and perspective vis a vis the human eye adds depth and
dimension to a "flat"painting surface. I have come to the realization today that connection to the natural ecosystems
around us as Earth changes take place is essential. Perhaps I will be memorializing through my work those landscapes
that have special meaning to me, like fragile tundra and native waterholes. The writings of Aldo Leopold, John Muir,
Terry Tempest Williams, Richard Jefferies meld with the art of Georgia O'Keefe, Charles Partridge Adams, Buffalo Kaplinski, Stephen Quiller...and lately Birger Sandzen and Nicholas Roerich. The creation for me is a quiet process with as much time spent in thought/meditation as with the brush. A landscape takes form wielded from both the mind, but more importantly the heart. There is an invitation for the viewers to see my landscape, to step into the scene and to create their own. AND ALWAYS FOR ME THERE IS A SENSE OF WONDER, OF JOY, AND OF REVERENCE.

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