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Featuring the art of Kyra Coates, Infuse Gallery offers art as a tool for social change. Kyra and the partner artists featured all support the missions of several nonprofits.

Kyra Coates

Kyra Coates


Series:  "Glimpses of Awakening:  The Emergence of the Divine Feminine"

We are at a pinnacle point in time where women are experiencing an awakening to their own feminine power, and society is beginning to listen. My paintings are reflections if this collective movement of awakening within oneself as a woman, and to the power of the female experience as an individual. I myself am a survivor of sexual abuse and rape early in life. I lived many years as a celibate nun in a Hindu tradition, from which I went on to marriage, motherhood, and to study in-depth the Tantric arts of Eastern traditions. Now my journey has brought me from a place of deep trauma to a one of ecstasy and self-recognition. My art is a celebration of this journey. My images are captured moments self-reclamation as a woman in sexual freedom, psychological growth, and empowerment. I paint as an invitation for others to join me in that joy, as this journey is not mine alone, but a massive global shift. 

from 45.00
Luscious 37
from 400.00
Blaze Connect
from 450.00
Soul Mates
from 300.00
Inner Peace
from 750.00
In Rapture
from 225.00
Soft on Soft
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The Early Years: 2001-2004