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Robert Waterhouse

Robert Waterhouse


I am a graduate of the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. I developed an interest for abstract and unusual art at the age of 12. Having been influenced by the great artist of our time, I aspired to not mimic them in any way, thus nourishing a style of my own. This allowed me to internalize, creating art in a more subconscious manner. I reach within my own mind, avoiding the usual subject material.

Although I utilize traditional concepts of composition, contrast and color theories, the images I present are not of the physical world. I consider their production to be acts of visual meditation. My art is created without consideration of the past or future, staying in the moment, unconcerned with worries of their completion. I create them for the sake of creating them. They exist for the sole purpose of existing.

My attempt is to please my artist tastes naturally with beauty and depth. Color strokes often reminding me of the samsaric thoughts we all have. Too many and they lead to confusion, not enough and they’re incomplete. Thoughts that overlap one another, often leading nowhere, but in this case, they result in art. The trick for me is to have just the right amount, none wasted and none left out.

There is no right or wrong way to interpret the examples of my art represented here. They require viewer participation. Often changing appearance with the changing light, the distance they are viewed and the amount of time one spends viewing them. In this way observers are allowed to use their own imaginations as well.

My hope is that everyone enjoys looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them, as they are acts of love.

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