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Featuring the art of Kyra Coates, Infuse Gallery offers art as a tool for social change. Kyra and the partner artists featured all support the missions of several nonprofits.




Awaken print.jpg
Awaken print.jpg



by Shahna Lax

Life is awakened within a passion flower by a raindrop.

The image I was given was a feminine form uncurling from within a flower as if awakened by a raindrop. As I was searching for the right flower, I was struck by the open form of a passion flower to contain the unfurling feminine form - her hair echoed by the strange and wonderfully frilly filaments of the flower's corona. The leaf and periphery of the petals dictated the form of the piece, extending beyond what might be considered the boundaries. I love the patinas that developed during the etching process that enhance the whole image. Because of the texture of the translucent acrylic panel behind the raindrop fretwork refracts ambient light, this illumination does not require back-lighting.

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