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Cosmic Forces - Influence

Cosmic Forces - Influence


by Shahna Lax

The two illuminations that make up the Cosmic Forces series came at the same time.  My initial impression was that they represented a confluence between the moon, water and the feminine on Earth.  Seeing that what I thought to be a crescent “new” moon of Influence illuminate differently than I would have imagined, I now think there are additional “cosmic” forces involved in these visual poems.


Influence reflects the subtle response of the waters of life to the influence of cosmic forces, of which women and many gardeners are acutely aware. The six-sided flower-like form represents the hexagonal water crystal.

The labyrinth is an elongated form of the one found in Poitiers, France, in which I see a tree while others have seen two hands and a path into the uterus towards the forming of life. I have been given to understand that the form of a labyrinth is determined by the water flowing beneath it.

It is intriguing to see the dancer and lily being illuminated by the cosmic forces are on the dark side of the crescent moon. I also came to realize after the form took place that the two dancers resemble dervishes performing the sema turning and also that the lilies are six-petaled flowers.

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