Kyra Coates Art





by Shahna Lax

There must come a full pause to weave perfection into music.


My friend Sylvia Hazlerig wrote an exquisite song cycle that included the poem by Rabindranath Tagore entitled “None lives forever.”  I was part of a Belle Canto circle that was working on the Tagore section.  That one line captured me.  It just resonated in my whole being .  An imperative arose around that verse that began with the form of a vesica pisces -  the intersection of two circles.  I found a maze in that form and another maze called a Baltic Wheel that felt very related, offering a way into the vesica maze through its center (I can't see any other direct way in). 

There are two figures, one whose life is draining away, and another life, somewhat muted, not yet fully born.  I feel that center point, the vesica, as the full stop point where there is a merging into the Source before life emerges (or re-emerges), having been saturated by perfection and woven into music.

There were some surprising aspects to this illumination, including a vivid dream which I describe in my blog: Journey Through the Space between Time.  

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