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Primevel Forest Mother

Primevel Forest Mother


by Shahna Lax

My work emerges from what I experience as an internal imperative rather than an idea. In the case of Primeval Forest Mother I saw an ancient, wizened, animal-like woman in the center of a circle of some sort - the navel of a tree or within a group of trees. She was both joyful and all-knowing. When She finished with me I truly wondered who She was, why I had never heard of Her before and why She was showing up now. Here are the words I heard in response: 

She who has always been. 
Born of the stars (weren't we all?) 
But she was first. 
A wild thing, part animal, part green, 
she beems in merriment, Bombadil-like. 

Who is this ancient one that stalks our memories, 
encircled by the navel of a tree or within a circle of withes: root, branch, leaf and swelling fruit? 
Why does she now re-emerge,
the wise one who knows our deep anxieties to be transient as a stubbed toe or broken toy- 
soon to heal or be forgotten? 

An old comfort in a time of fading boundaries.

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