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Featuring the art of Kyra Coates, Infuse Gallery offers art as a tool for social change. Kyra and the partner artists featured all support the missions of several nonprofits.

Primevel Forest Mother


Primevel Forest Mother

Forest mother 2016.jpg
forest mother finished detail.jpg
Forest mother 2016.jpg
forest mother finished detail.jpg

Primevel Forest Mother


by Shahna Lax

My work emerges from what I experience as an internal imperative rather than an idea. In the case of Primeval Forest Mother I saw an ancient, wizened, animal-like woman in the center of a circle of some sort - the navel of a tree or within a group of trees. She was both joyful and all-knowing. When She finished with me I truly wondered who She was, why I had never heard of Her before and why She was showing up now. Here are the words I heard in response: 

She who has always been. 
Born of the stars (weren't we all?) 
But she was first. 
A wild thing, part animal, part green, 
she beems in merriment, Bombadil-like. 

Who is this ancient one that stalks our memories, 
encircled by the navel of a tree or within a circle of withes: root, branch, leaf and swelling fruit? 
Why does she now re-emerge,
the wise one who knows our deep anxieties to be transient as a stubbed toe or broken toy- 
soon to heal or be forgotten? 

An old comfort in a time of fading boundaries.

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